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We protect your home the same as we do our own - using only the best in high security locks and professional grade equipment to ensure we protect what's most important to you. Connect with us and you can receive a personal consultation where we develop a unique plan tailored to your home. For 40+ years we've been Mississauga's home for key cutting, lock repair, rekeying, and master keys - cementing our status as the GTA's spare key.



Our business is built on protecting yours, and for 40+ years has been rooted in the same principles you share - a commitment to our customers and standing behind our work. We offer professional solutions for professional companies, using the best in high security locks and strategies tailored specifically to your business' needs. We have extensive experience working with independent retailers, national chains, established brands and corporate bodies.



Not every locksmith is equipped to handle industrial projects. Mississauga Locksmiths specializes in it. Our 40+ years of experience working within the industrial sector and alongside the world's best lock manufacturer's has helped make us Mississauga's most trusted source for industrial locksmith projects. Whether it's a factory, plant, or other large space, you can trust us to provide leading edge service and fulfill the scope of any project.


key cutting

Fact of life: we need keys. Every so often we must have new ones cut, replace lost or missing sets, or simply have another made for a loved one. Key cutting can seem mundane and an oft neglected chore, but to us it's our livelihood and what we love doing. We've been cutting keys for more than 40 years and continue to stand behind the thousands of keys we've cut for our clients. When the time comes, call on Mississauga Locksmiths.


lock repair

Some locks lose structural integrity over time and through excessive or inappropriate use. Adverse weather and prolonged exposure to the elements can also hinder a lock's performance and its ability to withstand force. Mississauga Locksmiths can often repair locks and bring them up to level with their original condition or even better in some instances. We can fix lock mechanisms, mortice cylinders, latch bolts and more.


master keys

We need keys. We just don't need a pocket full on us at any one time. Master keys help simplify your life by letting you use a single key on multiple locks while adding an additional layer of security. The benefits extend from individuals to small businesses to large companies operating at great scale. We've been making life easier for security professionals, managers, superintendents, real estate agents and other key-wielding superheroes for more than 40 years.


High security locks

Backed by the top lock manufacturers in the world and more than 40 years of experience, we've become the local leader in providing high security locks and professional grade solutions. We offer a wide range of high security locks made up of stronger composites, complex pin structures, advanced key control and other innovative improvements.



Sometimes we feel better locking things inside of other locked things. Safes are a proven deterrent and worthwhile adversary to would-be scum. If you are interested in buying a safe or learning more about their benefits, please contact us and we can ensure your security concerns are met and put to ease quickly and professionally.


mobile sales & service

You're on the move. We get it. That's why we work diligently to stay one step behind you at all times, ready for you whenever the time comes. Just call from anywhere in Mississauga or the GTA and one of our professional technicians will be be at your disposal with emergency lock smith solutions. Our travelling professionals will solve the problem - whatever it takes!